Winter is Coming: What Are the Best Wood Stoves?

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Fall is settling in across most of the U.S.. But enjoy it while you can, sipping margaritas on the back porch of your barndo, watching a glorious  sunset to the west.

What Are the Best Wood Stoves for Barndominiums? Actual barndominium owners polled recently are split evenly between time-honored buck stoves, which feature  a panoramic view  of your roaring blaze and the newer  wood stoves powered by wood pellets. Owners say the pellet stoves provide more heat than ambiance. They’re about equal in price, ranging from $1,500 to a little shy of $2,200.

All too soon, The Weather Channel will be naming winter storms as they hurtle across the country.

But you will be safe and cozy in your well-insulated barndominium, drinking hot chocolate in front of a fine blaze in the wood stove of your choice.

Let’s talk about buck stoves

That appears to be the choice of many barndo owners in a recent poll among Facebook group members, although many also said pellet stoves are more efficient at heating.

And old fashioned seemed to carry the day when asked about new and ultramodern wood stoves like the one a little farther down.

Perhaps, since going back to country roots is such a big part of the barndo lifestyle, many owners want something akin to the cast iron kitchen stove so prevalent in 1930s farmhouses.

But there are lots of choices, options and decisions

Among the many variables to consider when shopping for a wood stove:

  • What size barndo will it be installed in?
  • What is the decor/theme?
  • Is it mainly for heating, centerpiece decoration, corner stove, decorative,
    • kitchen cook stove,
    • stove for the den?
    • industrial stove to heat the shop? or….
    • some combination of the above.

Also to be decided:

  • What size lumber is readily available?
  • Does it need to able burn big logs, broken down pallet pieces.or what, exactly?
  • And finally, does it need to stay burning overnight?
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