Luxury Barndominiums: From South Texas to Montana, the Humble Pole Barn Has Grown Up

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When you first began to dream about a barndominium as your “forever home,” you probably did what thousands of folks still do every day: Google for images of barndos and prowl Pinterest for floor plans and interior design inspiration.

But did you ever think of looking on YouTube?

If you type in the keywords “luxury barndominium” there you’ll be amazed at the totally tricked out pole barns — a testament to just what this still relatively new housing movement can achieve.

Luxury Barndominium 1: Erik Cortina, owner of Texas Barndominiums

Meet YouTube star Erik Cortina, who has brought his trademark well-used ballcaps and easygoing demeanor into hundreds of thousands of PCs, laptops, tablets and iPhones over the last year and a half.

His latest creation, “The Barndominium Show,” is an  eclectic selection of videos from his Texas Barndominiums channel, where he has in excess of 46,000 subscribers. It is a huge hit — showing Cortina in a completely random sampling of locations, including a  Whataburger where he stops for lunch on Friday,

But today, we want to show you where Erik lives, in a luxury barndominium he designed and built — the very epitome of what the humble pole barn can be turned into. Here are a few stills from his barndo. The full video is also included below.

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