You love the Barndominium concept and have decided to build it on your own?

Erik shares Barndominium build info on our YouTube channel and other social media platforms, but if you need more personalized help, you are in luck.

Texas Barndominiums offers consulting to help you get through a rough spot on your build or to help answer questions about the Barndominium building process.

You can now schedule consulting in one hour blocks to speak to Erik about your personal project.

So if you want to consult with Erik, here’s what you do

Fill out the form below, giving your contact info along with a brief explanation of what you’d like to discuss.

Then, check the box stating that you are okay with the consulting fee of $500 an hour.

For that fee, Erik will call and talk personally with you about whatever issue you might be having with your barndo, or barndo to be. — BARNDO QUESTIONS ONLY, PLEASE. —

You’ll be sent a PayPal invoice for $500, which covers the first full hour.

What happens next?

Once payment is received, we will confirm Erik’s calendar and arrange a day and time that works for both of you (usually Monday’s are best for Erik)

Thank you.

PS Any questions, fill out the form below, please, and send it along, describing your question. We’ll be back in touch shortly.

    I agree to pay the consulting fee of $500 an hour

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